Area Of Specialization


Zambia being the mining Economy, the exportation of minerals produces to Neighbors and the world over requires a full time devotion and a professional handling to ensure;

  • Correct classification
  • Determination of correct duty rates
  • Advise and help in Right permits
  • Preparation of documents i.e invoices, delivery note
  • Filing with Customs for Smooth Export Clearance.
  • Coordination of process with Transporters and Agents in other countries.
  • Advice on Environment Management, chemicals and Medicinal Regulations


Agriculture is a growing and big sector of the Economy and the Region Importation of finished foods, capital machinery and infrastructure facilities. Inputs and other consumables all require a high technical knowledge of Tariff classification. Specialization requirement in some case i.e   refrigeration packaging needs and handling. We serve on time as we give advance and timely advise on vanned regulated goods permits etc to reduce on border time and cost when planned in advance all cost are Manageable resulting in profit and success with us


The Growing Construction Industry in Zambia. This Region is involved in Big Volume of imports in Zambia and Transit to the region. Different investment background requires a different individualized case to case as in regards to investment benefits the holiday government constant agreement conditions thus on different class of goods capital consumable. We are specialized in handling and making it as easy as possible in clearing your goods and processing all necessary pre conditions, proper classification for accurate tax payable, Advise on prices duty and any other to reduce a time of release  

Motor Vehicle Trade

Motor Vehicle Trade involve gig companies and individual traders with varied financial muscles and challenges. We classify correctly advise as per regulation and current tax standards available on specific vehicles and machinery. We broke a good deal on necessary in a lawful and professional manner. In our computerized system, we process and offer quick release

Live Animals and Plant Products

The speed section of moving live animals and plant products not only does it require speed of time. We provide advise, process regulatory documents well before border arrivals. Send us your invoice and other documents we do that for you. We process pre Customs documents and give an assured mind to resell with your animal/plant alive.

General Trade

We import and export raw materials in finished products, in progress goods or semi-finished. The challenge is classification to avoid detention delays and payments of advance, planned and managed taxes with limited resources. We provide services that will enable you reach your factory or home. Arrange available payments options with authority little amicable valuation. Provide procedures of paying in your home town at a good time. You will  pay correct taxes as we are specialized in good tariff classifications. We arrange suitable paymentoptions.